21 January 2022

Go Green 2022 Program for Environmental Conservation

Maintaining environmental sustainability is the responsibility of all components of the nation, including the business world. Therefore, as a company, SAVORIA KREASI RASA also continues to practice business while still paying attention to the preservation of the surrounding environment. As a manifestation, SAVORIA KREASI RASA has implemented various programs with the aim of developing a sustainable environment.

Savoria has initiated the Go Green program as one of the company's CSR activities at the Cikupa factory. Mrs. Didiet Fadriana Abdulkadir as Director of SAVORIA KREASI RASA has officially announced to actively participate in environmental conservation programs. Through this program, SAVORIA KREASI RASA distributes plant seeds and organic fertilizers to residents in the Cikupa factory environment in a total of 1200 stems, to be adopted and planted in the area where they live.

The plant seeds distributed came from nurseries in the Cikupa factory and were self-help products from the factory employees themselves. This nursery program has been running since 2019 with quite a variety of plant types, ranging from ornamental plants to fruit trees. Simultaneously, liquid organic fertilizer is also distributed where the supply is based on the availability of composter stock at the factory. The raw materials for the composter come from domestic and organic waste, especially vegetable scraps, fallen leaf litter, crop trimmings, and fruit peels.

With these efforts, we hope to continue to collaborate with the community in contributing to environmental conservation, in order to bring sustainable environmental development.

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