13 March 2023

SAVORIA Enlivens Competition in Indonesia’s Mint Candy Category with the Launch of SHOT Candy

Seeing the huge market potential in the Indonesian candy industry, PT SAVORIA KREASI RASA is joining the competition in the mint candy category by launching a mint candy product called SHOT. This product uses real mint leaf extract with low sugar content. Alongside its unique shape, SHOT mint candy also gives a cold and fresh sensation which can boost consumers' confidence.

The SHOT mint candy product was introduced to the public through a series of events in the Sudirman CFD area of Jakarta on February 26, 2023. Jakarta was chosen as the first location for this event because its track as one of the top 5 cities for candy consumption in Indonesia. Now, this mint candy product from PT SAVORIA KREASI RASA can be obtained by the public at a very affordable price in General Trade, Modern Trade, and even in their favorite Marketplace.

The launch of this latest product is PT SAVORIA's effort to continue to compete in the increasingly stringent candy market in Indonesia. For those who want to get the latest information regarding SHOT mint candy and other activities, they can visit the Instagram account.

"We continue to be committed, to bring the best taste and experience to the Indonesian people through the mint candy product that we just launched. We hope that this SHOT candy product can be accepted by the public as a product that accompanies them in their daily activities. For people who haven't been able to have fun with SHOT today, we hope we will be able to visit other cities soon" said Bagas Aditya, Senior Brand Executive SHOT mint candy.

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